The Acting Atelier Munich präsentiert auf dieser Seite ihre Seminare, Workshops und Lehrgänge für Schauspieler und alle, die es werden wollen. Unser Weiterbildungsangebot aus der Branche für die Branche ist von Internationalen Dozenten bei einzelnen Seminaren durchgeführt.

New Workshops

Meisner Workshop with Dannie Lu Carr

MEISNER TECHNIQUE 3 Day Workshop:  7-9 March, 2015 The tutor’s approach to these sessions aims to empower the actor, helping them to play to their strengths, to find the raw …


Workshop Series in Conjunction with GFCA London Planned

2015: Workshop Series in Conjunction with GFCA London Planned In 2015 we will be offering a series of workshops in conjunction with the renowned Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London …

350,- Per Workshop **

eCasting Workshop with Lena Lessing

E- Casting Workshop – The Do’s and Don’ts to Get the Job – Was geht und was nicht geht E- Castings sind der neue Trend bei den Vorsprechen und Casting …


Weekly Workout – English

We all know that no matter what our skill or level of acting, there’s always room for growth and improvement. To that end, professionally-trained and or experienced actors are invited …


Past Workshops

Casting Weekend for International Actors

NEW! INTENSIVE WEEKEND COURSE! OCTOBER 4 & 5TH, 2014 with TOP German Casting Director IRIS BAUMÜLLER. Workshop Content: What are my strengths as an actor? What is my unique (acting) …


Get Your Monologue On!

In America and the U.K., the monologue is the gold standard in auditioning techniques whether live in a theater on online through a casting portal.  Professional actors know they need …


Emotional Deepness & Flexibility – Workshop (EDF)

Nur spezifisch dargestellte Gefühle sind authentisch und überzeugend.  Jedes Casting und jeder Drehtag fordern enorme emotionale Flexibilität. Wir verbinden authentisches Gefühl und professionelle Flexibilität in unserem wöchentlichen Workshop in Tradition von …


From Blog

How to Get Cast in Germany

In America and the U.K.  there are a plethora of casting notice boards; online, offline, paid subscriptions and free ...

Mid Atlantic Accents

As an actor who does a lot of voice work, I’m often asked to do a “Mid Atlantic” or “Trans-A ...

What People Say About the Atelier...

I found the Giles Foreman workshop illuminating and inspiring. Very challenging at times, but always great fun. Despite having gone to drama school, it was the first time I was given a thorough, incisive insight into the inner and outer workings of the human personality. No longer a case of intuitive guessing and trial by error, work on a character became a reliable and exact breakdown of the innumerable aspects that apply to each and every one of us: how we sense, think, intuit and feel; how the emphases and combinations of these 'mental factors' affect what type of person we are, and the way we tick and relate to the world and the people around us; how all this is coloured by each character's specific, individual background, and how our outward expression is a direct reflection of our inner state. This course gave me a new, exciting and intricate vocabulary which I can apply to analyse not only every character I am called upon to portray, but to every person I see! Perhaps the most important thing for me, though, was to find out how I myself tick, not only for self-knowledge, but to clearly see the work I have to do as an actor to change from what I am as a person to the character I am playing.

David Creedon

Anne is a wonderfully caring host to both teachers and participants. As she wants to train and develop her craft as an actress herself, she is keenly interested in inviting great, experienced and internationally renowned teachers. I was happy to work in this kind of open, stimulating and personal atmosphere!

Markus Zett

I was impressed that its possible to organize such a good teacher (Lena Lessing).

Marco Michel

I really enjoyed it! (Lena Lessing Workshop)  Well organized, competent and caring teacher and even the food was provided.  The feedback was really supportive, personal and encouraging!  I'm very glad I participated... and hope to join you again soon!

Markus Zett

It was a wonderful open group, great energy, very good balance between group work and individual work.  It was amazing to see the high level of the group and to learn and experience with everyone.

Antonia Peters

Very powerful and relaxed at the same time. Concentrated work, but always in a great atmosphere.  Never felt outside the group.  Really good experience and learned a lot.

Patrick Grzybowski

I want to thank you, Anne, for organizing this so special masterclass. You set the ground for 4 wonderful, intimate days. „Instinct and Intimacy“ that was the title of the workshop with Giles Foreman, that attracted me the moment I read it. Your open and warm communication made me feel good right from the start.  And the group that came together for this long weekend was simply great!!! Open-hearted, sensitive and lovable :

Marieke Oeffinger

From your side (The Acting Atelier), a job very well done. Great atmosphere, useful work space and well organized.  Excellent. :)

Peter Bishop